Closing Post

by Carlin Trammel I met Jeeg in 1994 within my first week of being at college. I met PLee in 1999 on my first day of being at my first job out of college. Around 2002, I combined these two worlds by coordinating a “nerd lunch” meeting with the three of us. We began regularly… Continue reading Closing Post

After Lunch 133 | Doctor Sleep

Christmas is a time for ghost stories. And though it may not be Christmas season for everyone yet, it’s never too early for a haunted tale. Michael and Rob kick off what they hope is a new After Lunch tradition of November ghost stories by talking about Doctor Sleep, in which one of their favorite film… Continue reading After Lunch 133 | Doctor Sleep

After Lunch 131 | Disneyland

Michael debriefs Rob about his recent trip to Disneyland in (extremely) sunny California. Rob talks about what he liked and what he didn’t, Michael adds some thoughts from his own trip there a few years ago, and they both compare it with Florida’s Walt Disney World, which they’re much more familiar with. Download or listen… Continue reading After Lunch 131 | Disneyland

After Lunch 130 | The Avengers of Horror

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, Michael and Rob welcome Bloody Popcorn‘s Joanna back to the show along with everyone’s old buddy, old pal Jeeg to create the ultimate team-up of horror characters. Each panelist nominates two members of the team as well as a bunch of honorable mentions to flesh out the cast and come up… Continue reading After Lunch 130 | The Avengers of Horror

After Lunch 129 | After Dinner Lounge – Don’t Let Your Kids Go to Old Man Graham’s House

Michael, Rob, Evan, and Pax gather in the lounge to talk about what they’ve been watching and thinking about, including mummy movies, zombie movies, what monsters they’d want to fight and what curses they’d prefer to have, and the scariest topic of all: cash. Download or listen to the episode here.

After Lunch 127 | Midnight Mass

Michael, Rob, and Evan confront vampires and theology in writer-director Mike Flanagan’s 2021 mini-series, Midnight Mass. They talk about how the show handles vampire lore, its Stephen King influences, and the characters it creates, but mostly how it discusses big themes like faith, knowledge, addiction, sacrifice, and forgiveness. Download or listen to the episode here.

Down the Rabbit Hole: The Reunion

Rabbit Holers Carlin Trammel, Jeff Somogyi, and Paxton Holley reunite to celebrate the release of Carlin and artist Bill Wiist’s fan-made Super Powers Superman mini-comic with an all-new Down the Rabbit Hole episode exploring the Super Friends Wiki. With guest Michael May, the group sets out to get from the mini-comic’s wiki page to… Ed McMahon?… Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole: The Reunion